An unexpected video chat

I’m glad that cat didn’t bite me. It’s bad enough to gain zombie rabies from a person but to get them from a cat is just embarrassing. Alright, Bleaker Video is only a block away now.


I think the bike was the right choice. So far, I’ve seen less than a dozen zombies just shambling around and only one spotted me and gave chase. He was an old dead guy, I think it was Mr. Howard, and luckily he couldn’t catch me even when he was alive. It’s not the elderly dead or the ones that have been dead for a while that I need to worry about. It’s the recently deceased. They are much more agile and fast. And they seem a lot angrier. The old dead mostly just shamble about but the newly dead run at anything that moves. I saw these guys in action when this all started, and the chaos that ensued was horrifying. Trust me, after seeing your neighbors all crazed and tearing each other apart it’ll quickly teach you to hide well.


I mean, I’m pretty fast, but when you see Zackery Jane, the school track star run down the town sheriff on foot… and then eat him, you too would take to a living indoors like a latch-key kid. But since 8 months have passed I’m thinking I could outrun even Deadtown’s premier high school track star Zack The Flash.



Okay, there’s the video store, and wouldn’t it figure, there’s an undead dude right near the front door with his back to me. I’ve never killed one before but he looks a bit ripe. Not very old dead but dead enough that I think I can take him.




Oh shoot, he’s turning around. This is it… time to pop that zombie slayer cherry. Drop the bike in the street; grab the pan.


Okay, Mr. Dead Guy, let’s dance… Uh, Dad? Is that you?

Aw crap… Now what do I do? Any suggestions?

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