One grave or two?

Do I dig one grave or two?



He came back to save her…


They had closed the borders to the town right away. They moved in so fast, it’s like they had contingency plans for something like this. It’s like they knew it was a possibility. It’s like they knew, because soon after the school shootings they already closed off the roads out of town. In a state-of-emergency you don’t cut off the only exists. You open them, not close them.


Those bastards knew somehow that it was contagious and they couldn’t let it out. So we all suffered, and they never came in to help us. They left us here to fend for ourselves and die.


There were no relief airdrops of food, water and provisions. Just bullets for anyone who dared to defy their orders to, Stay Back. They mowed us down like cattle until the point was made and people scattered. Where was the press? Where were the humans’ rights activists? Where were the people in hazmat suits? …Just nothing. You’re cut off and on your own… and no one will help you.


But dad tried. Dad found a way back in to be with mom.


So again, is that one grave or two?



2 thoughts on “One grave or two?

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    1. That’s not a bad idea tonymarkp the regular voice in my head. After riding a bike all day with my dead father strapped to the back of it… plus, you know, killing him (again) in the first place. Also, let’s not forget the zombie cat and making pancakes… phew. Good thing no one saw me crying, it’s exhausting!

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