The Lie

Don’t believe the lie. Don’t listen to it. Just write before it’s too late. He needs to know. Fight it damnit… but I’m so hungry.   …   “Good morning sir, he’s waiting for you in the briefing room.” said the somewhat frightened looking private. He must be the new assistant. I’m surprised he got... Continue Reading →


Chapter 2: Undying Love

It must be a thirteenth year... because nothing but the sound of cicadas can be heard.  It’s not what I expected. It’s not how it was supposed to end. We were supposed to be together…   “Tom-Tom, what are you smiling about?” she said with a playful giggle as she hugged me from behind and... Continue Reading →

An Open Grave

Ah, Mondays… at least I think it’s Monday. The sun is cutting through the curtains and I couldn’t tell you what time it is either.   It’s cloudy and I can hear that it’s raining again. It’s been raining a lot lately and so the soil was softer than normal. This is a farm after... Continue Reading →

One grave or two?

Do I dig one grave or two?     He came back to save her…   They had closed the borders to the town right away. They moved in so fast, it’s like they had contingency plans for something like this. It’s like they knew it was a possibility. It’s like they knew, because soon... Continue Reading →


I can’t believe the bump made it unravel… It’s like the wires crossed and broke.     …   “Ali! Thank God you’re home. Are you okay?” she said on the phone. I picked up on the first ring because I was afraid I was in trouble, and because I was worried about her.  ... Continue Reading →

A big bump in the road

I had a great bike, but this one sucks. This thing has got to be at least as old as I am. My butt hurts from the hard seat shoved up my crack, plus the extra weight I’m pulling doesn’t help either. I’m sorry dad for dragging you around on the dirt roads like this.... Continue Reading →

Kicking up dust

Every bump makes me wince, but I have to keep reminding myself that things can always get worse.   I once saw the little guy with the long dirty blonde hair punch a man in the face for no real reason other than he was in a mood. The convienience store clerk stood behind the... Continue Reading →

Home Alone

So, there I was eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes when my mom told me to take the trash out on my way to school. “Ali!” She called from the living room. “I have to run to the store before heading into the office, can you be a dear and take the trash down on... Continue Reading →

Time heals… nothing

They say time heals old wounds, but I don’t think any amount of time will erase that image from my mind.     My name is Ali Bergman and I’m sixteen and a half years old. I was adopted at age 3 and I can’t for the life of me remember life before the Bergman’s... Continue Reading →

An unexpected video chat

I'm glad that cat didn't bite me. It's bad enough to gain zombie rabies from a person but to get them from a cat is just embarrassing. Alright, Bleaker Video is only a block away now.   I think the bike was the right choice. So far, I've seen less than a dozen zombies just... Continue Reading →

Deadtown Map

This is a partial map of my home town. I'm almost at the video store. So far so good... aside from that stupid zombie cat.

From pancakes to “Pancake”

Pancakes… Yum! Damn I’m good. I really don’t have any discernable cooking skills but I sure can make pancakes! You would think this skill could transfer to other baking tasks, but somehow I always seem to bake bricks. I’ve often thought of adding a wing onto the farmhouse made entirely out of brick bread, but... Continue Reading →


Rolling pin, cast Iron pan or creepy cleaver?   Hmm, I think I’m going with durability this time out. And, though I have never smashed in the brains of a zombie before this heavy pan seems like the perfect weapon. I’m pretty sure brain smashing is the preferred zombie eradicating method. That’s what they do... Continue Reading →

Choices, Choices, Choices…

So, like I expected, Mr. Jones didn’t have any useful sports equipment to help me against zombies. I guess with only having little girls he wouldn’t have grown-up sized football pads or hockey masks or anything. But, I did find this rusty old, I’m guessing, miner’s helmet! Sure it weighs a ton but at least... Continue Reading →

Zombie History

So what does one need to keep one’s stuff (and self) safe from invading hillbillies and zombies in a John Romero reality? Allies would be good for starters, but being as that I am completely alone here in this massive farm house I had better come up with some seriously ingenious traps for doors and... Continue Reading →

Hillbillies… figures.

Hillbillies… figures.   When it comes to apocalyptic world shattering events there are generally 3 types of people who will survive: Hillbillies, Survivalist and Mormons.   For instance, the Jones family were Mormons and hence the amazing stock piles of food, guns and fun recreational vehicles. But unfortunately most Mormons lack the emotional resiliency to... Continue Reading →

Keeping up with the Joneses

Sometimes you've gotta ask yourself, are zombies the worst neighbors? I mean they don't play loud music or borrow your stuff without returning it, but they do try awfully hard to eat you every chance they get. I guess it’s kinda like being the Road Runner and living next door to Wile E. Coyote, minus... Continue Reading →

Who’s to Blame, Really?

They're dead… and I guess it's not their fault. I mean we get older and we get slower, we die and then things rot and fall off. So, you really can't blame them for not keeping up with their cardio. It's not like they're quitters, they're just… well, really gross. And thank God for that,... Continue Reading →

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